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How we provide our Service

At East Park Care Centre, we highly favour the social model of care. Consequently, our primary aim is for each service user to live the kind of life they would expect to live at home, whilst at the same time providing them with a high standard of quality care, support, and security, and the opportunity for development as appropriate. We aim to make our service users full members of the community. We treat all our service users as individuals, showing them the respect and dignity that we would expect of ourselves.  Wilma’s philosophy was that East Park would be a home from home.

The well-being of our service users is the central and focal point of our service delivery, enabling everyone to have their voice heard and more importantly, listened to.

We have a mix of age ranges, at present our youngest service user is in his early 60s and the late 90s.  The mix works well – we find that there is a strong sense of family and community amongst our service users, and they really look out for one another regardless of age.

For our service users living with chronic conditions such as heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, epilepsy, wound and pressure care etc; we must respectfully acknowledge the medical model of care.  We work alongside our District Nurses, GP’s and outside health agencies and always take their advice.  That said, where possible we still lean towards the social care model for all service users within their capabilities.

Our end of life care is exceptional.  It is managed by the Manager and the senior carers, with support from the District Nurses and GP’s.  Family input at such a time is encouraged, although we understand that this is not possible for everyone.

Initial applications for admission can be made directly to the Centre. If appropriate, some applications may follow an assessment process carried out by Social Services or the Local Health Board.  

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